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Welcome to the

Spooky Undead Corp.

The Spooky Undead Corp. is the first project created by the GMTfactory. Spooky Undead Corp. is a collection of 10000 unique, randomly generated NFTs living on the Polygon blockchain. Your Spooky Undead Corp. grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to the Corp.

Along the roadmap activation, every Corp. member will receive a lot of exclusive benefits like airdrops, super party invite and last of all, the spooky tokens. The spooky token (SPK) will be used for voting proposal in our roadmap 2.0, that means that every Corp. member will have an active part in the project developing.

Fair distribution

We love NFTs space because it’s fair! So minting a Spooky Undead will cost 100 MATIC for everyone. We need to build our community first, for this reason, 1000 Spooky Undead will be minted for free from the first 1000 members who’ll be able to invite at least five friends on our discord server.


100 Spooky Undead will be withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, marketing stuff and for the creators of Spooky Undead Corp. project.

Spooky categories

Every Spooky Undead belongs to a specific category identified by his mask. There will be 7 categories: clowns, doctors, mummies, pumpkins, skulls, woods and zombies. Plus a special unique golden category. Keep in mind that some Spooky Undead are rarer than others.

Spooky particulars

Each Spooky Undead is unique and programmatically generated from over 121 possible characteristic: backgrounds, weapons, suits, masks, hairs and hats. The possibilities are endless! Each Spooky Undead is unique and cool, but some are rarer than others. Every trait has his specific rarity and you should try to collect the coolest and rarest. Here you can find all the particulars of our characters.


The resurrection of the golden Spooky Undead

Try to collect all the six Spooky Undead with the special golden traits and be rewarded with the special edition: GOLDEN SPOOKY UNDEAD.
But pay attention! Only the first person who’ll be able to collect the golden traits will win the prize… so you have to be fast!

Roadmap steps


100/10000 Minted

One Spooky Undead Corp. will be airdopped to one lucky early adopter.

1000/10000 Minted

The community wallet will be opened. It will contain the 10% of total sales made. These funds will be used for marketing stuffs.

3000/10000 Minted

A new 10k collection will be released and airdropped to every spooky holder.

5000/10000 Minted

A new spooky decentraland land will appear.

8000/10000 Minted

Every spooky holder will be invited at the SUPER PARTY in Italy.

10000/10000 Minted

Every spooky holder will receive a spooky token. The spooky token (SPK) will be used for voting proposal in our roadmap 2.0.

We hate the f***ing Ethereum gas fees. NFTs should be affordable for everyone, that's why we chose Polygon.

thebullishwayMarketing Manager and Blockchain Developer

Mint a Spooky Undead

Don’t wait the dawn of the dead, mint our Spooky Undead, now!


How many Spooky Undead will there be?

There will only ever be 10,000 Spooky Undead minted for this collection, which are all designed by @luigiconaNFT

How much will it cost to mint a Spooky Undead?

Spooky Undead will be available to be minted at a price of 100 MATIC each.

What is the maximum amount of Spooky Undead i can mint?

There is a limit of 9 Spooky Undead per transaction.

How do i mint a Spooky Undead, and how will the release be fair?

You will only be able to mint directly via our website. The contract has been published and is available at www.polygonscan.com.

How can i prevent any kind of scam?

It’s very simple: you must follow our official channels!
It remains your sole responsibility to assure that the purchase of the Spooky Undead and the associated art is made only by utilizing the links provided in the website or via our official channels. You assume all responsibility for any purchase made by following an external unofficial link. Spooky Undead Corp. will not be responsible for the purchasing of a fake or unofficial collection.

What chain is the Spooky Undead Corp. hosted on?

Spooky Undead Corp. is a Polygon-based NFTs collection.

How can i mint a Spooky Undead for free?

The first 1000 members that will invites 5 new people in our discord server, will be able to mint one Spooky Undead for free (excluding polygon gas fees).

How many people will be added to the free minting list in total, and how many Spooky Undead can they buy?

There will be 1000 free minting members, each being able to purchase up to 1 Spooky Undead.

When is the official release?

We will be publishing both the free minting for whitelisted members, and the official public release dates soon, stay tuned.

Who is the team members and what role they have in the project?

Spooky Undead Corp. is made by a core team of 3 founder. luigiconaNFT is the Graphic Designer, beavisNFT is the UI Designer and Web Developer, and thebullishway is the Marketing Manager and Blockchain Developer.

Are the Spooky Undead Corp. generated or hand-drawn?

The Spooky Undead Corp. will be hand-drawn with unique traits/rarities. Every traits will be designed as an indipendent png. An alghorithm will succesfully pick every single traits and will aggregate them to generate 10000 randomized NFTs.

How the rarities will be classified?

There will be 7 categories: Clowns, Doctors, Mummies, Pumpkins, Skulls, Woods and Zombies, plus a special unique golden category.

How will the golden category work?

There will be only 6 golden pieces in the whole collection, one for each traits. The first collector that will be able to own all 6 Spooky Undead with a golden traits at the same time, will be rewarded with

I have a suggestion for the project, am i able to let you guys know?

Of course, we would love to hear any feedback or suggestions, and will try to address/implement as many as we can! Head to our discord suggestions channel.

I still have a question not answered in this FAQ, how can I find out?

Head over to our discord support channel. We will be sure to address any questions as soon as we’re able to!

What should i do if someone asks a question in the chat?

Please refer them to our discord faq.

Meet the team


Graphic Designer


UI Designer and Web Developer


Marketing Manager and Blockchain Developer